Custom fencing


Barb wire fencing


Chain link Fencing


Page Wire


Fencing in Wetlands


Rock. Hard. Ground



Putting 8 t posts in the muskeg




Putting in a 17 ft 4 inch pipe in ground 13 ft. That corner post will never move



Lawn fence keep the dogs in and the coyotes out



Straightline Fencing



A beautiful fall day fencing in the snow



Gota love fencing in the winter no mosquitoes



That's called old wire is a lot of fun



That's called 2019 Jan 2 Nd. Still smoking the posts in


That's called 2019 smoking the posts in


Holden custom fencing


Holden custom fencing


8 foot post 2019


Post 2019


Fences 2019


Project 2019


Project 2019


Project 2019


Project 2019


Project 2019


Still fencing happy Halloween


Another mile to go boards